July 12, 2011

Those Doggone Balls!

This evening I had the opportunity to test out the breathable ball gag from Eden Fantasys. I get into light to medium BDSM and I've been waiting to try this thing out for months now! But, it wasn't exactly what I was expecting.

First of all, it was a little odd getting the strap placement just right around my head so that it was tight enough that the strap wouldn't fall down the back of my head. But once that was conquered, I didn't have a problem with it slipping anymore and it stayed in place, even when I was face down on the bed.

I liked the fact that this ball gag is breathable and has the holes in it because I do have claustrophobia issues that like to lay dormant and then pop up at the least opportune times. At no time did I feel like I couldn't breathe or was too restrained for my comfort.

The straps were comfortable on my face and didn't pull my hair at all. They're made out of leather but have a soft, almost velvety feel on the inside. The buckle side is 11.5 inches from the ball and the strap side is 15.5 inches with 7 holes each an inch apart. The ball itself is made out of a soft rubber but it is still very strong and sturdy, not soft enough to collapse. It is approximately 1.5 inch in diameter. In total, the length is approximately 28 inches.

I'm new to the gags so I found my jaw getting slightly sore while wearing it but it wasn't painful or unbearable, just a different sensation of not being able to close my mouth.

I was wearing this product in the doggie style position and had my face resting on the bed. Being in that position was ironic because I sort of felt like a dog from all of the drool and spit I was creating! That was the one thing that really almost distracted me from enjoying the experience! My bed and face were getting soaked in my own drool because with the gag in place, I couldn't swallow.

Overall, I wasn't unhappy with this product but it didn't give me the turn on that I was expecting, and that may have been due to the distracting liquid oozing from my mouth. I plan to give it another fair shot sometime when I'm not on my face to see if I like it better. Until then, I'll leave the balls to the dogs!

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