July 26, 2011

Morning Wood

Well, it's been a little while since I last posted anything. I had a vibrator coming from Eden Fantasys for me to review but when it came, it didn't work. :( On that note, I'll commend EF's customer service! I called and immediately had a return shipping label emailed so that I could send it back for free to get a replacement. So now I'm just waiting for that to get back to me for review! I'm leaving to go out of town in two days and I'm not sure if I'll have a chance to post until I get back next week. So I'm going to leave you with a post about morning sex...more specifically being woken up with it!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE being woken up to a finger or hard dick inside of me! Something about sleeping peacefully and finding that your partner wanted you so badly they couldn't even wait for you to wake up is amazing! My husband is really just starting to get used to the idea. I think he just wasn't used to a woman wanting to be bothered with sex in her sleep...I'll have to ask him. I do know that for a while whenever I'd "casually" mention that he could wake me up like that he'd imply that he felt awkward, perhaps like he was taking advantage of me. Finally, I told him that I want it, I crave it, that I love the feeling and the sense of surprise (not to mention my orgasms always seem 10 times stronger when I wake up to sex). After that, he's performed this act many times and it never fails to satisfy!

I wonder, how many women out there enjoy this? Do you love waking up to your partner pleasing you or would you rather wake up on your own and have sex be mutually started? I'd love to get some comments on this!

July 17, 2011

The List

Lets talk about the list....duh duh duh!!!! I was just wondering how other men and women feel about the list. Do you have a list or at least a number of the people you've slept with? I know that I do. More importantly, do you share that number with others? With your spouse or significant others? If not, do you keep it secret or fib it? I want to open this up for discussion and as we get more followers, I'll revisit it. Just curious where everyone stands on this issue. I have a list and I told my husband all about it! Why be ashamed of letting others love your honey as mush as you should! :)

A Standing O-Vation!

I had the opportunity last night for a date with myself. I decided it was the perfect time for me to try out my new bullet that I received from Eden Fantasys. It's the Multispeed Basic Vibrating Bullet that I received free for signing up for the EF newsletter. Since it was a free gift for signing up to receive the newsletter and it only retails at $9.99 to begin with, I wasn't expecting much....boy was I surprised!

The bullet is about 2.25 inches long, with the widest diameter being about 1 inch, tapered slightly on each end as many bullets are. The cord connecting the bullet to the controller is 31 inches long which gives you plenty of room to move around without having to put yourself in awkward positions to reach. If you're worried that the cord is too long and you'll get tangled up in in, worry no more! The cord comes packaged in the figure eight that we're used to seeing in today's technological world. However, rather than being bound by a rubber band or twist tie, it has this ingenious little plastic twist tie-like contraption that neatly holds the cord perfectly in place without getting in the way! Here is a picture to help you understand what I'm talking about:

I realize that this little tie isn't rocket science and you may have seen one before but I feel like for a toy with a cord, it's a perfect, safe way to keep everything neatly bundled either during play or nestled in your drawer!

The controller is a bright purple, slightly transparent so you can sort of make out the batteries inside. It only requires two AA batteries which is nice since those are readily available and cheap. As you can see from the product image, the controller is a rounded out "V" shape which sits nicely in the palm of your hand placing the control wheel between your thumb and index finger. The control wheel is accessible on both sides of the main compartment again allowing for easier access. It scrolls from low to high. To turn it off, simply turn it all the way to low until it stops.

The one thing that I didn't like about this product is the turn off option. As I mentioned, to turn the device off you simply scroll all the way to low until the control stops turning and the vibration is off. However, the scroll doesn't click into the off position so the slightest touch of the scroll control can turn it back on. If you're planning on travelling with this toy, you'll definitely want to take out the batteries! 

There is a broad range of vibration level of intensity! When this little baby is turned all the way up, she can really get you going! If you simply hold the bullet in your hand and turn the intensity up all the way, it's a little noisy but nothing crazy. However, once it's nestled up against your clit or any other part of your body (and especially if you hide it in your honey pot!) the noise is minimal, if even noticeable. I'm sure that someone in the next room would be more likely to hear your groans and sighs of pleasure before noticing the vibration!

I'm fortunate enough to be able to have multiple orgasms and let me tell you that this gal got me there! I had six big O's before I stopped keeping track and she kept me busy for several hours. I'll admit this is my first wired bullet and I love the versatility that it provided me. I was able to use it for vaginal or anal stimulation, clitoral, or even nipple! And for a freebie (or even full retail at only 10 bucks!) it's a great addition to anyone's collection and I give it a standing O-vation (or six)!

Do It Again and Again and Again!

Real quickly, I'd like to review Before & After Adult Toy Cleaner by Classic Erotica, which I first purchased from Eden Fantasys several years back. I have since bought three or four more bottles of this stuff! First let me talk about how to use this cleaner. It's so easy! Literally all you have to do is spray it on your toy, wipe it off (along with any honey residue you've left on it), and then rinse your toy under some running water. Simple, fast, and effective! My toys are always left clean. It's a water-based formula so it has a thin consistency which allows for a little to go a long way. There is a spray nozzle on the bottle which offers a decent spray diameter and depending on the size of the toy you're cleaning, just a spray or two will do! This allows the bottle to last for a very long time, an added bang for your buck!

And the scent is the best part! It has a very light, fresh scent! I'm not exactly sure how to describe the scent other than fresh and slightly fruity. Kind of like when you pull out your clean clothes from the dryer and they just smell clean! It's not an overpowering scent though, which I'm glad for because I can't stand feeling like I'm standing in the middle of grandma's overgrown flower garden during bloom season! I haven't had any problems with irritation after using this product.

The cleaner is anti-bacterial so it helps keep your toy clean and germ free!! After cleaning, my toys look, feel, and smell squeaky clean and brand new. However, I will state that this product is best used for cleaning your own toys between sessions, not for cleaning toys that are used on multiple people since it doesn't completely sanitize it.

Overall though, this product holds a special place in my heart and has kept me coming back to it time and time again (pun intended!). Simple, sweet, clean, and cheap! Love it!

July 13, 2011

A Little Show and Tell

I grew up in a very religious family where you didn't have sex or engage in any sexual play until you were married and you didn't date until you were ready to get married. Sex wasn't really discussed except to lay down the rules. I had a strong sex drive from an early age. I remember playing Barbies and my character was always sleeping with some guy, getting knocked up! Hahaha. I also masturbated regularly and not just during puberty when my hormones were raging.

As a teenager, I snuck behind my parents backs and started to experiment with masturbation, oral sex, and foreplay. I still didn't lose my virginity until I was 18. I didn't have the stereotypical first time. It was to a significantly older man in an open marriage so there was no relationship other than sex involved. It didn't hurt at all and I didn't bleed. I'm assuming this was from years of masturbation and tampon use. In fact, Mr. First didn't even know I was a virgin when we first had sex until a few years ago when I mentioned it to him. Guess I was just that good! ;)

Anyway, once I lost my virginity, I released a tigress! I wanted sex all the time and couldn't get enough. Unfortunately there were times when I was reckless and didn't use protection or contraception so let me just take this moment to thank what ever supreme being is out there for keeping me from contracting a disease or getting knocked up!! Regardless, I had numerous partners before getting married and slept with many of them multiple times, on and off for years. When I was horny, which was always, I'd simply call up my guys until I found someone who wasn't busy so I could get off. I had steady relationships sprinkled in among it all, some of which I was faithful in and others that weren't so lucky. It really depended on the sexual relationship we had. If we had sex often or whenever I needed it, I was faithful. But if the relationship wasn't that strong to begin with or our sex life was lacking, I probably went elsewhere to get what I needed.

I'll admit, there were times when I would question whether I had some sort of sexual addiction or problem because of my apparent need for sex, regardless of the consequences. I'm sure my upbringing and shelter (for lack of a better word) from sex didn't help. I am a contradiction in that I have both a strange disconnect between physical sex and emotional relationship but I also require a true emotionally sexual connection within my relationships. With only one exception in my lifetime, I have no problem maintaining a completely sexual relationship with out any emotional connection. It's just sex. In fact, there have been times when the man began falling for me or wanted more out of the relationship than I was looking for so I had to end it.

Still, after marriage and even children I remain a very sexual human being and I enjoy experimenting with new things. In fact, my husband and I have been discussing some role play, such as "meeting" at a bar and taking each other home. So I'll be sure to post about that as soon as we give it a try!!

July 12, 2011

Those Doggone Balls!

This evening I had the opportunity to test out the breathable ball gag from Eden Fantasys. I get into light to medium BDSM and I've been waiting to try this thing out for months now! But, it wasn't exactly what I was expecting.

First of all, it was a little odd getting the strap placement just right around my head so that it was tight enough that the strap wouldn't fall down the back of my head. But once that was conquered, I didn't have a problem with it slipping anymore and it stayed in place, even when I was face down on the bed.

I liked the fact that this ball gag is breathable and has the holes in it because I do have claustrophobia issues that like to lay dormant and then pop up at the least opportune times. At no time did I feel like I couldn't breathe or was too restrained for my comfort.

The straps were comfortable on my face and didn't pull my hair at all. They're made out of leather but have a soft, almost velvety feel on the inside. The buckle side is 11.5 inches from the ball and the strap side is 15.5 inches with 7 holes each an inch apart. The ball itself is made out of a soft rubber but it is still very strong and sturdy, not soft enough to collapse. It is approximately 1.5 inch in diameter. In total, the length is approximately 28 inches.

I'm new to the gags so I found my jaw getting slightly sore while wearing it but it wasn't painful or unbearable, just a different sensation of not being able to close my mouth.

I was wearing this product in the doggie style position and had my face resting on the bed. Being in that position was ironic because I sort of felt like a dog from all of the drool and spit I was creating! That was the one thing that really almost distracted me from enjoying the experience! My bed and face were getting soaked in my own drool because with the gag in place, I couldn't swallow.

Overall, I wasn't unhappy with this product but it didn't give me the turn on that I was expecting, and that may have been due to the distracting liquid oozing from my mouth. I plan to give it another fair shot sometime when I'm not on my face to see if I like it better. Until then, I'll leave the balls to the dogs!